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Experience in the courtroom can be essential to resolving DUI (driving under the influence) or DWI (driving while intoxicated) charges. New Jersey drunk driving laws are complex and involve issues like arrests, convictions and penalties. To go into a courtroom without an experienced New Jersey DUI lawyer is like going to school without books or even an instructor. It is crucial to hire an experienced DWI lawyer for guidance and legal help. Here are some important reasons why arrest regarding driving under the influence need an experienced New Jersey DWI lawyer.

Reason 1: Guidance From A New Jersey DWI Lawyer

What is driving under the influence? What is the legal limit for a BAC? An experienced NJ DWI lawyer would be able to answer these questions. Attorneys may have experience in criminal, corporate, personal injury or family law but lack experience with DUI, underage DWI or refusal cases. You want to choose from a group of New Jersey DWI attorneys who know the drunk driving laws. The ability to provide accurate guidance to those who have been arrested for driving while intoxicated is critical for your defense. Why risk your case and leave it in the hands of someone who lacks the experience in drunk driving law? It can result in the loss of your DUI case which can cost you your driving privileges, money due to fines and penalties and in some case loss of your freedom. Legal guidance is the key to a client's understanding the legal hurdles they face with a pending drunk driving charge. It will help you to make the right choices concerning your DUI case. When selecting an experienced attorney, credibility and DUI experience are two important characteristics to look for in proper DUI legal guidance.

Reason 2: Protection From False Accusations In A DUI Case

As a person without a law degree, you may not know everything about constitutional law. The purpose of a NJ DWI attorney is to protect and represent clients arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. Their protection prevents clients from being falsely accused and convicted of drinking and driving. Just because the police charge you with DUI does not mean you are legally guilty. It is possible they arrested you based on false probable cause or test results. An experienced NJ DWI lawyer will know how to review the breath test for faulty readings. You don't want a drunk driving conviction to follow you around for years. An experienced attorney will work to have your pending charges dismissed or the penalties lessened.

Reason 3: Win Your Ocean County Drunk Driving Case After An Arrest

Another important reason to hire a NJ DWI lawyer is to win your case. Driving while intoxicated cases are complex. They have many issues regarding the arrest and scientific testing process. Experienced DWI attorneys understand the issues that exist with the arrest process including the procedures of police stops, field sobriety tests and breath tests. To hire a lawyer without knowledge and experience in DUI law can cause a client to lose their case.

Reason 4: Avoid Penalties And Fees In Connection With A New Jersey DUI

Driving under the influence convictions carry different penalties and fines depending on the severity of the facts. You may be facing fines, surcharges and penalties in the thousands of dollars, loss of your license for up to 10 years, up to 3 months in prison, and the installation of the Ignition Interlock Device. This is why you need to hire an experienced DUI attorney. The right lawyer should be able to get a reduction in the charges you may be facing. This is not the time to "self-represent". Clients are advised to seek legal advice to better defend themselves and possibly avoid the maximum penalties.

Reason 5: Receive Some Peace Of Mind In Your Drunk Driving Case

It is a stressful situation when you are stopped by a police officer and accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drinking and driving traffic stops can cause frustration, nervousness and even impairment of speech and motor skills in certain individuals. Let an experienced lawyer relieve you of your stress and give you some peace of mind. An experienced DUI attorney can possibly help to defend you in court against a failed field sobriety test due to high stress levels. Your life is busy and stressful enough so let one of our NJ DUI Defense Lawyers handle the investigation and defense of your case so you can stay calm and relaxed.

Reason 6: Properly Cross Examine Police Reports And Accusations

Police officers' reports of arrests, field sobriety tests and breath tests sometimes contain errors. There is the possibility that one or more of the procedures may not have been followed properly during your arrest. DWI attorneys should know all procedures required and challenge the performance and credibility of the officers involved in your arrest.

Reason 7: We Speak On Your Behalf In Regards To Your Drunk Driving Arrest

The reason clients hire legal representation is to have someone speak on his or her behalf. NJ DWI Defense Lawyers know the proper way to speak to the judge and have connections with experts that they may be able to rely on in evaluating the evidence against you. Representation means that the professional will represent you in court and fight aggressively to have your driving under the influence case dropped or to have the penalties reduced.

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