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A DUI charge in New Jersey can impact not only your freedom but also your finances, driver's license, and professional standing. In Freehold, NJ, the consequences of DUI offenses can be particularly severe. Our seasoned team of DWI lawyers at Villani & DeLuca is committed to offering legal representation and hope during these challenging times.

The legal framework surrounding DWI charges in Freehold is intricate and constantly changing, making expert legal advice essential for securing a favorable outcome in your case. This is especially important as New Jersey recently amended its DUI laws.

How Our Attorneys Can Support Your DUI Defense

At Villani & DeLuca, we dedicate ourselves to providing the most effective legal representation possible. Our experienced DWI attorneys leverage their extensive experience and deep legal knowledge to tailor our approach to your specific situation. We offer support to our clients around the clock, every day of the week, to assist you whenever you need it.

A good DUI lawyer in Freehold, NJ is someone you can trust to safeguard your best interests at every opportunity and vigorously defend your case. Whether that involves negotiating a plea deal to reduce your charges or contesting the allegations against you in court, our freehold DUI lawyers are relentless in pursuing the best potential outcome for you.

Our dedication to excellence and our thorough approach to DWI cases make our Monmouth County law firm an indispensable guide as you face the complexities ahead.

Initial Steps in Defending a New DUI Case

When you enlist the legal services of Villani & DeLuca to defend you in a Freehold, New Jersey DWI case, the first steps we take are designed to build the foundations of a robust defense.

  • Consulting With You – Our New Jersey DWI attorneys meet with you to collect all of the relevant details and understand your perspective of the events.

  • Reviewing Your Case – Our team of DWI lawyers performs a detailed investigation of the charges against you, including any related traffic violations. This will often involve analysis of the police reports, videos, breathalyzer reports, field sobriety test results, and any other evidence that might highlight inconsistencies or procedural flaws in your arrest.

  • Developing a Legal Strategy – Once we have the facts and evidence, we craft a defense strategy tailored to your specific case. This may involve challenging the legality of your traffic stop, questioning the accuracy of your breathalyzer test, or negotiating for reduced charges, all aimed at avoiding a DWI conviction, lessening the effects on your driving privileges, and achieving the most favorable result possible.

  • Communicating Continuously – Our legal services include keeping you informed about the legal process throughout your case. Our Freehold, NJ attorneys are always available to answer your questions about drunk driving laws and ensure that you're fully prepared for each phase of the proceedings.

When you choose our law offices, you partner with a team that understands the intricacies of New Jersey's DWI laws and is deeply committed to safeguarding your future and rights.

Insights on Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs)

Police officers in Freehold, New Jersey often use field sobriety tests (FSTs) to establish probable cause for a DUI arrest. These tests aim to determine a driver's balance, coordination, and ability to perform straightforward tasks. Unfortunately, these tests have limitations and potential inaccuracies that can affect your case.

  • Subjectivity – The outcome of a field sobriety test depends greatly on an officer's subjective assessment of your performance, which could be open to interpretation.

  • Other Conditions – Injuries, disabilities, or even general fatigue can significantly impact how well you perform on these tests, giving the impression of impairment.

  • Environment – Poor lighting, uneven surfaces, and harsh weather conditions can negatively affect your performance on a field sobriety test.

  • Nervousness – The mere stress of being stopped by the police can hinder your ability to follow directions accurately, whether you're impaired or not.

The DWI lawyers at Villani & DeLuca, P.C, are proficient in contesting the results of field sobriety tests, advocating strongly against their reliability as indicators of impairment. We understand the many variables that can influence these tests – and we work diligently to ensure that these factors do not unfairly impact the outcome of your DWI case.

DUI Penalties in Freehold, New Jersey

Recently, New Jersey revised some of its DUI penalties, highlighting the need for competent representation in DWI cases, especially when so much can be at stake.

In Freehold, the consequences of a DUI conviction can vary based on several factors – such as whether you've had a DUI offense before or whether you have an especially high blood alcohol content (BAC) level at the time of your arrest. Penalties can include:

  • Significant fines

  • Jail time

  • License suspension

  • Required installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) for several months or years

Updates to New Jersey’s DUI laws in 2024 put more emphasis on the use of ignition interlock devices (IIDS) to allow individuals to continue their professional and daily activities. This acknowledges the importance of driving in many people's lives. These legal amendments also introduce a more nuanced approach to DUI penalties, which are now more closely calibrated to reflect the severity of the offense based on BAC level and the number of prior offenses.

Strategies for Defending Against DUI Charges in New Jersey

Defending against a DUI charge in Freehold, New Jersey demands a deep understanding of state laws, a strategic handling of evidence, and a steadfast commitment to our clients. At Villani & DeLuca, P.C, our in-depth knowledge and strategic methods enable us to deploy a range of defense tactics suited to each unique case. These strategies include:

  • Challenging the legality of your traffic stop due to a lack of probable cause

  • Critiquing the validity of the field sobriety test procedures and their accuracy

  • Contesting the reliability of breathalyzer results based on device maintenance or the procedures followed by the officer in the administration of the test.

  • Offering alternative explanations for your physical appearance and behavior

  • Engaging expert witnesses to highlight weaknesses in the prosecution's evidence

By carefully examining every element of your case, we ensure that each of our clients benefits from the most robust defense possible against the DUI charges they're facing.

Types of DUI Cases We Handle in Freehold, NJ

The Villani & DeLuca legal team possesses the expertise and abilities necessary to defend clients facing a wide array of situations – from straightforward first-time DUI offenses to more complex cases with complications such as traffic offenses, injuries, or substance use.

In every instance, the attorneys at the law offices of Villani & DeLuca are dedicated to delivering a defense that is both comprehensive and finely tuned to the specifics of each case.

If you or someone you know is facing DWI charges in Freehold, New Jersey, it's critical to seek legal advice without delay. Whether you're facing a first-time drunk driving conviction or a complex situation involving drugs or other factors, our Monmouth County DWI attorneys are ready to support you with a vigorous defense.

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