Mistakes Drivers Make During A DWI

Drivers in New Jersey, whether residents or from out-of-state, may be arrested for a DWI violation. When they are arrested, mistakes are made that can lead to a conviction. Drivers should know their rights as citizens to avoid a conviction. Below are some of the common mistakes motorists make when suspected of DWI by New Jersey law enforcement.

Mistake 1: Pleading Guilty To A DWI Charge Just Because The Breathalyzer Test Was Over The Legal Limit


Drivers normally believe that when they are arrested for driving under the influence they are immediately guilty because they failed a breathalyzer test. They want the situation to quickly disappear. If a driver is arrested with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 percent or more, it doesn't mean the driver needs to plea guilty. That's why it is important to hire an experienced attorney for counseling and to defend the case. An attorney will examine the arrest process to look for evidence that may be inadmissible and not used against the driver in court. For more information on challenging a breathalyzer test CLICK HERE.

Mistake 2: Hiring Incompetent Attorneys Because Their Rates Are Low

This is another mistake motorists make when facing DWI charges. All attorneys aren't the same in terms of legal experience and drunk driving cases are difficult to prosecute. However, an attorney defending a motorist for driving while intoxicated should have experience in DWI specifically. It would not be wise to hire an attorney that specializes in tax law just because they offer a low price for a DWI case. What a motorist needs to know about a lawyer is his or her reputation in defending DWI cases. If an attorney works on defending DWI cases on a regular basis and they have good results, it can be assumed that they are experienced and reputable. CLICK HERE for information on why you should hire an attorney from Villani & DeLuca, P.C..

Mistake 3: Waiting Too Long To Hire An Attorney

There are occasions when drivers may wait days or weeks before hiring an attorney after being arrested for a DWI. The reason may be financial in nature, but those who procrastinate and prolong hiring legal representation risk losing their case. It is best to hire a professional DWI lawyer as soon as possible. It gives the attorney reasonable time to prepare for the case and examine evidence that can be collected and used against the driver. The best solution for a successful trial is to hire an attorney immediately after the arrest. Retaining a lawyer right away can get the arraignment hearing postponed, giving the defendant and their attorney more time to prepare the case and come up with a valid defense.

Mistake 4: Believing Legal Representation Isn't Needed

It is a mistake when motorists believe they can represent themselves concerning a DWI arrests. You shouldn't think that you can go to court and talk your way out of a DWI conviction after an arrest. Drivers should never assume that they know enough of the laws to properly fight a DWI charge. The New Jersey DWI laws are very complicated and it takes a knowledgeable and well-trained lawyer to understand them in detail.

There is no time to wait after a DWI arrest to hire legal representation to defend your rights. Contact the attorneys at Villani & DeLuca, P.C. in Point Pleasant Beach to discuss your Ocean County or Monmouth County DWI arrest. Call 732-372-0820 today for a FREE consultation on your DWI case.