Mistakes Of Representing Yourself For DUI Charges

A person arrested for drunk driving will make mistakes while representing themselves against any pending charges in court. Self-represented individuals lack the important knowledge and information pertaining to the DUI laws in New Jersey. This lack of knowledge makes it difficult to defend an individual's legal rights and best represent their case in court. There are those who automatically plead guilty to a drunk driving charge because they don't know their rights. It is unwise to try to represent yourself against a NJ DUI. Instead, you should seek experienced legal representation immediately for your New Jersey DUI charge.

Consequences Of Self Representation In A Drunk Driving Case


Self-representation is never advisable when handling a driving while intoxicated charge. It can lead to unnecessary consequences, such as unfair plea deals and excessive penalties. The goal of any DWI defendant is to have the charges lessened or even dropped if at all possible. Not all drunk driving cases are the same and each case has a unique set of circumstances and evidence that the defendant will have to face.

Mistake 1: Representing Yourself To Eliminate Legal Costs In A Driving Drunk Charge

Those arrested for drunk driving should never attempt to play the role of a defense attorney. The courtroom follows procedures that only legal professionals are knowledgeable of. There are legal terms used in the courtroom that are likely unknown to the accused. Being inexperienced with courtroom terminology and proceedings when defending yourself at trial is a very big risk to take. A DUI lawyer will work on your behalf to have your DUI case defended from every possible avenue. He or she will ensure that all of the necessary paperwork is filed and that all of your rights are defended properly.

Mistake 2: Believing You Can Easily Beat The DUI Charges

It is not wise to think that you can beat DUI charges by yourself without sufficient knowledge of the laws that apply to your case. Fighting the penalties of a DUI charge require knowledge of the proper police procedures, the evidence required to prove a DUI case, the various ways to weaken the prosecutor's case and more. Only experienced attorneys who consistently handle DUI cases will be suited to defend their clients pending charges in the best way possible.

Why You Need A New Jersey DUI Lawyer 

Reputable DWI lawyers know the severity of driving under the influence and the consequences of self-representation. You need an experienced drunk driving lawyer to provide guidance during your defense. Those facing a drunk driving charge can't fully defend themselves without knowing the court system and the different penalties associated with a drunk driving conviction. A DUI lawyer will prepare you for the case and provide all the information you will need. DWI lawyers will go through all of the evidence presented against you. They will defend you against flawed evidence and challenge any improper conduct taken in your case. You should hire a DUI lawyer to ensure that all of the proper courtroom procedures are followed and your case results in the most favorable result possible. If you are defending yourself and plead guilty during your procedure it is highly unlikely you'll get a second chance to undo this costly mistake.

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