How To Select A New Jersey DWI Lawyer

Who can you trust when it comes to selecting a drunk driving lawyer? Attorneys are legal professionals who can practice in a variety of types of law. Some of these legal areas include corporate, criminal, intellectual properties, family and real estate law. When it comes to selecting a DWI or DUI attorney, you need to be sure to retain and experienced DUI attorney. You could be placing your future in the wrong hands! It is obvious that you wouldn't want a real estate attorney, for example,  handling your New Jersey driving while intoxicated (DWI) case.  When you speak to an experienced DWI attorney you get the benefits of years of experience handling DWI and DUI  and the related traffic and criminal charges that may be involved in your case. An experienced NJ dwi lawyer will know the ins and outs of your case and can compare it to prior cases and years of experience to provide you a road map of what to expect and how to best prepare your defense and prepare for the likely outcomes.  

How To Choose The Right DWI Attorney In New Jersey

There are a few things you will want to consider when selecting a DWI lawyer in New Jersey. To make such an important decision you first need to begin your research with the tools that are easily accessible such as the internet or legal directories. You can easily find a list of attorneys by using a search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Look for the following information when researching lawyers:

Legal specialty: The legal specialty of the lawyer is the most important information. You should narrow down your list to only include attorneys who practice DWI / DUI law.

Location: Select a DUI lawyer that is local to where you were charged with the DUI infraction not necessarily where you live. You want an attorney familiar with the general area where your traffic stop took place because they will know the local roads, the local police and the local prosecutor. The lawyer may use their knowledge of the local area to build a better defense in regards to all pending DWI charges. So, if you live in Staten Island but were stopped for driving under the influence in Point Pleasant Beach, you would want to select a new Jersey DUI defense lawyer to represent you. 

Credentials: Select a lawyer by his or her credentials rather than other superfluous information. Lawyers in NJ are often members of  the New Jersey State and County Bar Associations.  You should look beyond that to see what specialized training a lawyer may have in the field of DWI / DUI defense.  Experienced DWI / DUI lawyers should also have training in administering the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST's), this is the test performed by the officer on the side of the road; having prior experience as a prosecutor is also helpful to understand the prosecutors side of the case; an experienced DWI lawyer would need training regarding the workings of the Dräger Alcotest® which is "breathalyzer used for breath testing in New Jersey; with many cases now involving drugs a lawyer trained in the Drug Recognition (DRE) protocols and the training of a DRE is also something and experienced DUI lawyer needs to fully understand; With this training your lawyer will be better adept at defending you against the drunk driving evidence presented in court. 

Personalities:  Personalities are also important as in any other aspect of life.  You should speak with the lawyer that will be handling you case to see how they approach the defense and how they present themselves.  Sometimes it's clear in the first discussion between a prospective client and lawyer that its just not the right fit. Your lawyer has to understand your goals but also has to provide you with realistic expectations of the outcome.  Here at Villani & Deluca, PC we look to provide meaningful information and generally a range of possible outcomes based upon our years of experience. Having a range of possible outcomes of your case often provides instant piece of mind. 

Request A Consultation With An Experienced New Jersey DWI Lawyer

A legal consultation will present potential clients with the opportunity to ask questions about their pending DUI case. It also gives you an opportunity to verify the lawyer's credentials in regards to defending you in a court of law. Most lawyers have their credentials visible for clients to observe and some may post their credentials on their website, in a telephone directory or on their personal business cards. Your consultation will provide you with a good opportunity to see whether or not this person is best suited for the defense of your pending legal action. You need to feel comfortable with your decision.Stopped? Do you know hwat evidence the local prosecutor has to convict you?

Ask Questions About Your Drunk Driving Case

Do not be afraid to ask question in regards to the legal service that you are looking to receive. You should feel comfortable enough with your attorney to have a candid conversation about your pending DWI court case. Your initial consultation with a lawyer is the perfect time to ask questions about drunk driving laws, your legal rights, the consequences of a DWI conviction and the legal and attorney fees associated with your case. This is also the time to vet the attorney's credentials, experience and training in regards to their success in defending their clients against driving while intoxicated transgressions. Before you conduct your initial consultation you should make a detailed list of questions that you want to ask your attorney in regards to your drunk driving arrest and the attorney's services. There is no question "too dumb.” It is in your best interests to have all of the facts in regards to your drinking and driving case. The more knowledgeable and proactive the client is the more effective a lawyer can be.

Request References Or Read Testimonials

If a lawyer's credentials or your initial consultation isn't enough for you to decide on who is the best DUI lawyer for your case, then you can always request references. Some lawyers will keep a list of references on hand in order to provide it to potential clients. References are another resource used to prove an attorney's professional skill in driving under the influence cases. It can also reveal how successful the lawyer is in terms of case wins, dismissals and plea bargains. It is important to know as much as possible about the New Jersey DWI attorney that you are hiring to represent you. You should be 100% certain that this person will do the best job possible in your DWI defense.

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