Testifying At Your DWI Trial In New Jersey

For someone that has just recently had to endure the mental anguish and possible embarrassment that sometimes results from being arrested for DWI in New Jersey, seeking advice from an attorney with experience in handling the subsequent legal matters that follow can truly help ease the burdens they're experiencing.

The attorneys at the law firm of Villani are fully capable of taking on your legal burdens and ensuring that you are not left to face the intimidating legal battle alone. They can provide you with advice and guidance throughout the entire process. Even though one DWI trial is rarely similar to the next, the process in which they are typically tried in court remains familiar to an attorney with the experience and knowledge of New Jersey DWI laws and how they are prosecuted.

Preparing For Your DWI Trial In NJ

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There isn't anything wrong or out of the ordinary about a client being nervous, apprehensive or even terrified of the idea of testifying before the court at trial. One of the things that many fear the most is the embarrassment of pleading their case in front of a jury of their peers. However, New Jersey DWI trials are not held before a jury.

Although there will be others in the courtroom, they will likely only include police officers, courtroom personnel, attorneys, prosecutors, a courtroom stenographer and the judge. New Jersey DWI trials aren't anything like the dramatic murder trials one might see on TV crime shows or in the movies. However, long before your actual trial date, you will have already appeared before the court on at least two occasions for hearings. This may help ease any nervousness you may have about appearing in court.

Besides collecting the prosecution's evidence against you, the interviewing of witnesses, including yourself, and devising an overall strategy for your DWI defense, your attorney will also prepare you for testifying at your DWI trial if he or she decides that testifying is recommended in your case.

Preparing Your Testimony

Your attorney will help you prepare for your testimony much like a coach would prepare his team for an upcoming opponent. He or she will walk you through their defense strategy, as well as provide you with their experienced guidance as to what to expect when asked to testify.

There will be specific questions that your attorney will go over with you during your preparation and possible practice meetings. They will also have prepared, and gone over with you, a list of questions they know will be asked of you by the prosecution, as well as a few that the judge himself might ask in order to clarify a response from you. This type of guidance from your attorney is almost invaluable.

Testifying At Your DWI Trial

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You should dress appropriately and not wear any type of provocative clothing or fancy, attention drawing jewelry. When you are called to provide your testimony, it is understandable if you appear nervous, and in fact, the judge expects you to be nervous. Try to remain focused and understand that this is your opportunity to explain your version of the events as you remember them.

Since you and your attorney have already gone over their questions, and your expected responses, his or her line of questioning should be smooth and somewhat comforting. It will allow you a moment to catch your breath, settle down and get a feel for the flow of the trial. When the time comes for the prosecution to ask questions, it is extremely important for you to follow the preparation techniques that you and your attorney have reviewed. Some recommended testimony techniques include the following:

  • Listen closely to each question as intently as possible.
  • If unclear, ask them to repeat the question.
  • Before answering, pause and think about your response. How will your words be interpreted?
  • There is no need for an elaborate, long winded and possibly confusing response.
  • Keep your response short and fact based unless a more detailed explanation is needed.

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