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Experience in the courtroom is essential in resolving driving under the influence charges. New Jersey drunk driving laws are complex and involve issues like arrests, convictions, and penalties. To go into a courtroom without an experienced New Jersey DWI / DUI lawyer is like going to school without books and an instructor. It is crucial to hire an experienced lawyer for guidance and legal help when you are facing harsh driving while intoxicated penalties.

  • Deluca

    Vincent Deluca

    A founding member of Villani & DeLuca and has devotes the entirety of his practice to family law....

  • Timhorn

    Timothy Horn

    With more than 11 years of legal experience in a variety of practice areas, Mr. Horn Esq. is a Pa...

  • Gina

    Gina Ravaschiere

    Partner, Ms. Ravaschiere, Esq. has been practicing family law for over twenty years. Ms. Ravashi...

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    Michael Ayres

    Since 2003, Mr. Ayres, Esq., a Partner of the firm, has been involved in the practice of family l...

  • Villani

    Carmine R. Villani

    Founding partner, Carmine Villani, Esq. is a former municipal prosecutor with over 20 years expe...

  • Ben

    Benjamin M.. Hoffman

    Benjamin has devoted his entire practice to matrimonial and family law, including divorce, child ...

Act Now Before It's Too Late!

Mistakes happen all of the time. If a mistake was made by the police or the New Jersey prosecution it should not hurt you and your family. Our experienced NJ DWI Defense Lawyers at Villani & DeLuca regularly protect the legal rights of people who have been charged with DWI / DUI or breath test refusal. This traffic offense carries the possibility of jail time and costly fines in New Jersey. The stakes are too high and the possible effects can last for years. A strong legal defense can often convince the courts to have your drunk driving charges dismissed or reduced so don't risk your future by trying to defend yourself against a DUI! Contact Villani & Deluca today for a FREE case evaluation on all your pending drunk driving charges.