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Uber and Lyft: Can TRide Sharing Help Reduce DUIs?

Posted by Carmine R. Villani | Apr 08, 2016 | 0 Comments

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Technological advances have benefited society in various ways. Now, Uber and Lyft have taken the world by storm. These two ride sharing companies have transformed the way that people get around in various cities around the country. Now, with a simple smart phone application, people can request drivers to come quickly to their locations in Point Pleasant Beach and take them to their intended final destinations in Asbury Park or any other locations in New Jersey.

Why Choose Ride Sharing In Ocean County

Many people who are drunk have used Uber and Lyft to get home safely. Traditional cab rides are much more expensive than Uber or Lyft rides which makes them more accessible to younger people. The added safety features of Uber and Lyft is that riders know exactly how far away the driver is and have the plate number and name of the driver. When being out late at night, this can be very beneficial to have especially for women who are under the influence.

Consequences of Drunk Driving In Monmouth County

People who make the decision to drink and drive in Red Bank, Seaside Heights, Brick or other towns in New Jersey can wreak havoc on not only their own lives but those of innocent bystanders as well.  For years, people have been taught to take along designated drivers or call someone that they know is sober to take them home if they are intoxicated. Alcohol consumption impairs judgement, coordination and the body's perception and reaction time. Unfortunately, this advice often goes unheeded which can lead to DUI related offenses and arrests.

If a police officer pulls a modernist over who they suspect to be impaired, they will administer field sobriety tests. If the tests are failed, the officer will arrest the impaired driver and bring them back to the police station and will administer a breath test. The BAC or blood alcohol concentration level limits of a person over the age of 21 must be below 0.08% and for those under the legal drinking age of 21 is 0.01%. You can still be charged with drunk driving even with a BAC below a 0.08%. In the State of New Jersey, the possible punishment for a first time DUI offender is up to thirty days in jail, a fines, penalties, and surcharges, IDRC classes, the suspension of driving privileges for three months to one year, and installation of an ignition interlocking device.

The Effect Of Ride Sharing

Ride sharing can help to reduce the number of drunk driving stops. After the city of Seattle allowed Uber to enter its market, DUI arrests decreased by approximately ten percent. However, individuals should keep in mind that this is only a resource tool and it is important for the intoxicated individual to take the initiative to order a ride and get home safely.

Uber and Lyft have also helped lower and middle class individuals bring in much needed income. The cost of living continues to rise while wages in many areas are stagnant. Drivers have the flexibility to set their own schedules. New data has uncovered that cities like Chicago are seeing fewer DUI arrests due in part to the fact that Uber and Lyft employs many drivers there. If wages can increase in areas where poverty is higher, then this helps to motivate people to shy away from breaking the law.

From a legal perspective, personal accountability comes into play when trying to curb DUI offenses in any geographic location. People often think that they are above the law so they will choose to do as they please. Each and every person needs to ask themselves is one careless drunken act worth possibly ruining my life or someone else's forever?

Contact A DWI Lawyer In Ocean County

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