Client Testimonials

C.W. Recommends Carmine R. Villani

"After a recent serious incident with another driver on the highway, I found myself in some legal hot water and in critical need of a competent attorney.
I contacted Carmine Villani's office very late on a Saturday night and someone picked up right away.
My initial consultation with Mr Villani was a lot like talking to a caring brother or a very smart, very direct, and level-headed friend.
He had a strategy mapped out for my case within the 1st ten minutes of that 1st call before I even announced that I was hiring him.
The direct end result of that strategy was a swift 100% dismissal of all charges filed against me.
Never in my wildest dreams did I expect anything even remotely close to the results he was able to achieve.

Bottom line is this:
Should you ever find yourself in legal trouble for any reason anywhere in Ocean County you may get deluged by a big pile of lawyer junk mail.
Do yourself a big favor. Don't even even bother looking at it, just throw it all in the trash and contact Carmine Villani.
Thank me later . . ."

– C.W.