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Getting pulled over for drunk driving on Long Beach Island can be a scary experience especially when you are required to go to the Long Beach Island Municipal Court. For more information visit the Long Beach Island Municipal Court website for more information.

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DUI On Long Beach Island New Jersey

According to the New Jersey State Police Fatal Accident Investigation Unit, there were 553 car crashes in 2012, with 589 people killed.  309 of the fatalities were drivers of the vehicles involved, and of those drivers killed, 98 drivers tested positive for alcohol.  Of the 514 drivers who survived fatal car crashes, 41 tested positive for alcohol, and 29 had a BAC of .08% or higher.  89 of the fatalities (over 15%) were in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.
As summer approaches, law enforcement will increase visibility to deter drunk drivers, especially near the beach and park areas of LBI where large numbers of people congregate.  The state's law enforcement community uses a statewide crackdown multiple times during the year to raise public awareness about the dangers of driving while intoxicated and the seriousness of a DWI conviction.  The most recent crackdown, carried out between December of 2013 and January of 2014 resulted in 1,575 DWI arrests statewide.  In Ocean County, the crackdown resulted in 52 DWI arrests and 44 drug arrests.  Police in Ocean County are continually on the lookout for drunken driving.

The DWI Stop on LBI

If you are pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs on Long Beach Island, you can expect to be subjected to standardized field sobriety tests and a breath test.  Contacting a LBI DWI Lawyer immediately is imperative. New Jersey has an implied consent law, which means that by driving on a road in this state, you have consented to the administration of a breath sample test following an arrest for drinking and driving.  Refusal to submit to the test will result in automatic license suspension and an inference that you are guilty of driving while intoxicated. You need to know your rights. Contact Villani & Deluca Long Beach Island DWI lawyer today!

Breath Test During a LBI Arrest

The breath test works by measuring the amount of alcohol contained in one puff of air, or a single exhalation. Unfortunately, there is alcohol in more than just liquor, so there are a number of substances that can negatively impact the results of your test.  Certain breath sprays, mouthwash, and even breath mints contain alcohol. There are also various medical conditions that may cause a false positive result, including diabetes. It is important that, if you are facing a DWI after a breath test was administered, that you contact an experienced LBI DWI attorney to challenge your results.

Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) During Long Beach Island Drunk Driving Stop

This series of testing is comprised of three separate tests, each designed to detect whether a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  The SFST's can provide evidence of intoxication even in cases where the driver has refused to submit to a breath test.  The first test, the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN), requires the driver to follow an object with his gaze.  The second test is the one leg stand, and it requires the driver to balance on one leg for a count of five.  The third test is the walk and turn, and it requires the driver to walk a straight line, heel to toe.

Potential Fines and Penalties for a DWI or Refusal In A Long Beach Island Case

In New Jersey, a person is guilty of DWI if he or she operates a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher.  However, a person may also be convicted of drunk driving if the BAC falls below .08%, if there is clear evidence of impairment (which may be measured using the SFST).  Driving while under the influence of illegal narcotics, hallucinogens or habit-producing drugs may also result in a DWI charge.  Allowing another person to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can also result in a DWI charge for the other individual.

For the potential penalties involved for either a DWI or refusal charge on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, see the DWI penalties and refusal penalties pages on our website. Contact our LBI DWI Lawyer to learn more!

Defending Against a DWI or Refusal in LBI

At Villani & DeLuca, P.C., our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the proper NJ breath test and SFST procedures and understand that these tests are not foolproof.  If you are facing a DWI or refusal charge in Long Beach Island, it is important to have an attorney familiar with the limitations of the breath test and field sobriety testing.  Our lead DWI attorney is trained in the administration of the breath test and SFST and has worked as a municipal prosecutor.  He can review the facts of your case and prepare a strong defense.  For a free consultation with someone who has a thorough knowledge of New Jersey's drunk driving laws, Contact Villani & DeLuca, P.C. Long Beach Island DWI lawyer offices today at (732) 965-3999.

Act Now Before It's Too Late!

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Mistakes happen all the time. If a mistake was made by the police or the New Jersey prosecution it should not hurt you and your family. Our experienced NJ DWI Defense Lawyers at Villani & DeLuca regularly protect the legal rights of people who have been charged with DWI / DUI or breath test refusal. This traffic offense carries the possible of jail time and costly fines in New Jersey. The stakes are too high and can last for years. A strong legal defense can often convince the courts to have your drunk driving charges dismissed or reduced. Don't risk your future by defending yourself against a DUI! Contact Villani & Deluca today for a FREE case evaluation on all your pending drunk driving charges.

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